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Add Facebook Messenger to Your Engagement Widgets™

Adding Facebook Messenger to your ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ easily allows potential clients to connect with your business from your website using Facebook Messenger. To set up Facebook Messenger in your ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, you will need to use the Link Launcher Conversion Tool™. We will show you how to do this below.
Start by adding a Link Launcher tool to your Engagement Widget™

Change Title:

This changes the name of the Link Launcher tool in the initial widget window. We suggest using something like “Facebook Messenger” or “Message us on Facebook”.

Add M.Me URL:

Type in the URL for facebook messenger using the URL as shown below, and use your Facebook page name as the end of your URL.
  • For example:
Click the link below to learn more about using Facebook's links:

Add Facebook Icon

You can change the default icon to reflect the link will be Facebook Messenger by selecting the messenger icon or Facebook icon.