White Label Resources

ChatHQ offers white label resources in the form of email templates, paid ad templates, and more! These resources are designed to help you sell ChatHQ under your own brand to your niche so you can success in building your very own SaaS company!

How to access the white label resources page:

  1. Click on the Resources Page.

  2. There will be a link to a shared Google Drive folder containing the white label resources that may include:

    • Sales Email Templates

    • Paid Ad Templates

    • Social Media Posts

    • Sales Funnel Outline

Unbranded Knowledge Base

Link to the unbranded knowledge base: https://widgets.yourhelpcenter.net/

If you have installed the White Label Widget Builder in your HighLevel account, you can give your customers access to this knowledge base to teach them everything they need to know about setting up widget!

There is NO mention of ChatHQ or HighLevel in this knowledge base.

If you see any mention of ChatHQ, HighLevel, or any other brand, please take a screenshot and send an email to support@chathq.io with the name of the page where it was found.

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