This engagement tool is a full replacement of HighLevel's chat widget 🎉🎉🎉

What Is The Webchat Tools?

  • Provides a way for customers and website visitors to fill out a webchat form, which sends a message into a specific HighLevel location account, and creates an sms conversation.

  • All functionality of the HighLevel web chat tool is found within ChatHQ’s webchat, including:

    • Triggering workflows from new “webchat replies”

    • Robust activity logs in the contact details sections of HighLevel.

  • ChatHQ’s webchat is also multi-location, so you can connect multiple different HighLevel sub-accounts to a single Engagement Widget! This works great for franchise businesses that have multiple sub-accounts in your HighLevel!

Webchat Tool Use Cases

  • Lead capture on websites and funnels

  • Customer support via SMS communication

  • Direct contact between a website visitor and your HighLevel account

  • Trigger SMS communication automation using workflows to nurture leads

Setting Up Webchat

There are some basic settings that you can change when setting up your webchat tool that can completely change how your customers and prospects interact with you.

1. Title

This changes the name of the webchat tool in the initial widget view. For more information on this please click here to view the help article.

2. Panel Title

This changes the text shown at the top of the webchat tool after the tool was already clicked by your website visitor or customer. For more information on this please click here to view the help article.

3. Tool Visibility

Choose when to show this engagement tool based on your current business hour configuration found in "widget settings". For more information on this please click here to view the help article.

HighLevel Agency API Key

In order to use this tool, and many others, you will need to add your HighLevel agency API key. This key gives ChatHQ the ability to pull in data from your HighLevel including the sub-accounts (locations), teams, calendars, forms, surveys, and more!

Click here to learn how to add your HighLevel Agency API Key to your ChatHQ Portal account!

Select HighLevel Location(s)

Using the location selector, you choose the HighLevel location you would like to use for your Webchat tool. There are 2 different ways to configure the Webchat tool:

Single location Webchat

Only connected to one location in your HighLevel account

Multi Location Webchat

Connected to 2 or more locations in your HighLevel account

Hide Address

If you do not want to show your company's address, or if you use a PO Box and feel like showing that is unprofessional, you can always hide the address from view by toggling the "Hide Address" into the "ON" position.

You can ONLY hide the address when using "Single Location" Webchat configuration

Customizing Your Webchat Experience

  1. Initial Message When someone opens the Webchat tool, you want to greet them and make sure they fill out and submit the form. Here you have the opportunity to say whatever you want to help get this individual to convert and become a new lead.

  2. Legal Message This message informs whoever is filling out the form about legal implications after submitting, such as SMS fees or privacy notifications. This is completely customizable.

  3. Display Email Field If you want to collect the prospects email, you can add and email fields

Acknowledgment Greeting

This greeting is the small line of text that represents the header of the "success" message.

Acknowledgment Message

This is the body message of the "success" message where you can enter more information for your website visitor or customer after they submit the Webchat form.

Testing Webchat Tool

At any point in time, you can "submit" a web chat form to test what the submission messaging looks like to your website visitor or customer. You don't even need any data in the form itself to test this, you simply hit the submit button and you will see the next view of the web chat tool.

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