Facebook Messenger

Adding Facebook Messenger to your ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ easily allows potential clients to connect with your business from your website using Facebook Messenger. To set up Facebook Messenger in your ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, you will need to use the Link Launcher Conversion Tool™. We will show you how to do this below.

Start by adding a Link Launcher tool to your Engagement Widget™

Change Title:

This changes the name of the Link Launcher tool in the initial widget window. We suggest using something like “Facebook Messenger” or “Message us on Facebook”.

Step 4: Add M.Me URL:

Type in the URL for Facebook messenger using the m.me URL as shown below, and use your Facebook page name as the end of your URL.

  • https://m.me/[FacebookPageUsername]

  • For Example: https://m.me/google

Finding Your Facebook Page Name

Your Facebook business page has a name that serves as its identification. That name is what needs to be added to the URL for this tool to work properly.

To find the exact name of your Facebook business page, simply open your business page and look in the URL bar. The page name will immediately follow Facebook's domain - www.facebook.com/[YourBusinessPageName]

Copy and paste your Facebook Business Page name into the M.Me URL we provided to you above, and whenever a prospect or customer clicks on that Conversion Tool, they will be immediately redirected to Facebook Messenger, and your business will be displayed on the page so they can directly message your business!

Add Facebook Icon

You can change the default icon to reflect the link will be Facebook Messenger by selecting the messenger icon or Facebook icon.

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