Widget Window

The Widget Window settings is where you can customize the look of your widget when it is opened. You will have the ability to add a title and subtitle to welcome visitors, select your primary and secondary colors to match your branding, and upload a logo image.

Widget Title

Here you can update the title of your widget that will show to users when they open the widget.

Widget Subtitle

Here you can update the subtitle of your widget. This is shown under the title of your widget and gives users more intel about the widget.

Widget Colors

Choose a primary color for your widget by clicking on the color block and pasting in your color code or selecting a color from the color picker. This color will show at the top of your widget, in the background of each widget tool icon, and in the close widget button.

Widget Logo (Top Image)

Upload your business logo to show on your widget, or upload an image you’d like to use for your widget icon. This will show at the top of the widget when it is opened.

Floating Action Button Icon

You have two options when it comes to the action button icon. This icon is what users will see on your website based on your widget configuration.

  • Use a default image - Here you can select from a variety of icon options we have built in for your convenience.

  • Use the widget logo - This option will use the logo that you have previously uploaded.

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