Booking Calenders


This tool allows you to show appointment scheduling calendars inside your widget. You can connect to calendar groups and individual calendars from inside your CRM software.

Use Cases

  • Book discovery calls with new leads directly from the widget on any page of your website.

  • Offer your customers the ability to book support calls.

  • Schedule 1-on-1 meetings with new customers after they purchase your products or services.

  • Offer website visitors a “free demo” calendar based on website interactions and time-on-site metrics.

Configure Booking Calendars Tool

Step 1: Open Tool

Navigate to your widget management area in your CRM software. Look for the Booking Calendars tool or a similar section where you can manage appointment scheduling features.

If you have not added this tool to your widget yet, add the tool first, then you can configure the tool settings. Click here to learn how to add new Conversion Tools™

Step 2: Set Tool Titles

  • Title: Set the name of the Booking Calendars tool that will be displayed on the initial widget view.

  • Panel Title: Define the text that appears at the top of the Booking Calendars tool once it's activated by a visitor.

Step 3: Configure Tool Visibility

In the Tool Visibility section, specify when the Booking Calendars should be visible. Base this on your office hours or other conditions found in the widget settings.

Step 4: Select Calendar Groups

Find the drop-down menu for Calendar Groups and choose the appropriate group that includes the calendar you wish to display in your widget.

Step 5: Choose Calendars To Display

Use All Active Calendars:

Use all active calendars in a calendar group by selecting Use All Calendars in Group, which will list all available calendars within the chosen group.

Use a Single Calendar:

Use a single calendar from within a calendar group by selecting the specific calendar you want to display from the list of calendars in the group.

Step 6: Save Changes

Save your settings to apply the changes, and test the widget to ensure the Booking Calendars appear correctly for your website visitors.

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