Link Launcher

  • Provides a way for you and your customers to add buttons to your Engagement Widget that link to external sources

  • Link to social media accounts

  • Link to payment portals

  • Link to educational hubs

  • Create “Click to Call” buttons

  • Create affiliate link trees

There are some basic settings that you can change when setting up your knowledge library tool that can change how your customers interact with the knowledge library.

  1. Title: This changes the name of the link launcher tool in the initial widget window.

  2. URL: Paste the link of the URL you would like the tool to link to. You can toggle on or off to open the link in a new page.

  3. Tool Visibility: Choose when to show this engagement tool based on your current business hour configuration found in “widget settings”.

Link MUST include one of the following protocols:

  • http://

  • https://

  • tel:

  • mailto:

Custom Tool Icons

You can change the navigation icon by clicking on the dropdown and selecting an icon for your Link Launcher tool. Uploading custom icons is coming soon!

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