Widget Branding

This is a PAID ACCOUNT feature

If you want to upgrade your ChatHQ Portal account, go to Settings -> Billing to upgrade your account.

The Widget Branding settings allow you to hide ChatHQ branding and/or display your own business’ brand on the Engagement Widget. Here you can select to display your branding and upload your business logo.

Display Branding

Here you can toggle on or off to display the branding section in the widget footer.

Use Custom Branding

Use Custom Branding controls whether to use the default or custom brand section by toggling the bar on or off. When toggled on, you will then have the option to add a Full Brand Name and Brand URL.

Full Brand Name

Here you can add an optional short message that will be displayed as a tooltip when hovering the brand logo.

Brand URL

Here you can add an optional URL linking your brand to a website.

Brand Logo Format

The Brand Logo Format determines the format of the brand logo to be used

  • Text Only - Shows logo as text. You will be able to add the logo text in the field given when this option is selected.

  • Use an Image - Shows logo as an image. You will be able upload the logo image in the field given (as shown in the image below).

  • Use an Image URL - Shows the logo as an image. You will be able to add the image using an image URL.

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