Dedicated iFrame


Gives you the ability to embed websites, applications, and other things directly inside of your widget inside of an iframe.

Use Cases

  • Add website funnels directly inside your widget

  • Host your courses and memberships in your widget for all your customers to access easily

  • Embed AI tools into your widgets and bring Ai directly into your website and membership dashboards for all of your customers to use

Configure Dedicated iFrame Tool

Step 1: Open Tool

Navigate to your widget management area in your CRM software and open the Dedicated iFrame tool.

If you have not added this tool to your widget yet, add the tool first, then you can configure the tool settings. Click here to learn how to add new Conversion Tools™

Step 2: Set Tool Titles

  • Title: Set the name of the Dedicated iFrame tool that will be displayed on the initial widget view.

  • Panel Title: Define the text that appears at the top of the Dedicated iFrame tool once it's activated by a visitor.

Step 3: Configure Tool Visibility

In the Tool Visibility section, specify when the Dedicated iFrame tool should be visible based on your office hours found in the widget settings.

Step 4: Add iFrame URL

Paste or type in the URL you would like to use for the Dedicated iFrame. Once you add the URL, you will see the widget preview update showing the iFrame in the widget.

IMPORTANT: The URL must allow itself to be iFramed, otherwise you will see a broken link image in the widget.

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