Smart Popups™

This guide walks you through the process of managing Smart Popups™ within your Engagement Widget™ in your ChatHQ Portal. Follow these steps to create, edit, duplicate, or delete Smart Popups™.

Accessing Smart Popups™

1. Navigate to the Engagement tab.

2. Select your widget.

3. Click on Smart Popups™.

Smart Popups™ List

The list displays the following columns:

  1. Name: The name of the Smart Popup.

  2. Status: A green symbol for enabled popups and a red symbol for disabled ones.

  3. Folder: The folder where the popup is stored.

  4. Details: A quick view of the popup's configurations.

  5. Actions: Edit, duplicate, or delete your popup.

Hint: If you don't see any popups listed, it means you haven't created any yet.

Smart Popups™ List Actions

1. Edit Smart Popups™

  • Click on Edit Popup in the Actions column.

  • Make your changes and configurations.

  • Click Save Changes.

2. Duplicate Smart Popups™

  • Click on Duplicate Popup in the Actions column.

  • A clone of the popup will be created.

3. Delete Smart Popups™

  • Click on Delete Popup in the Actions column.

  • A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation.

  • Click Yes to delete the prompt permanently, or No to cancel.

Warning: Deleted popups cannot be recovered.

Create New Smart Popups™

1. Click on the Create New Popup button located at the top-right corner.

2. Configure your new Smart Popup™, including its name and other settings.

3. Click Save Changes or Cancel if you change your mind.

More List Options

Search: Use the search bar to find a Smart Popup™ by name.

Filters: Filter the list by name, status, folder, or details.

Column Visibility: Toggle on or off specific columns.

Full-Screen Mode: Click the full-screen toggle to view the list in full-screen. Click again to exit.

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