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For many different ChatHQ tools and integrations we require that you integrate your HighLevel account using your agency API Key. If you are not familiar with how to access this API key, or how to use it, below you will find instructions on how to set it all up!

Once you add your HighLevel agency API key to ANY place in your ChatHQ Portal account, it will activate across the ENTIRE Portal account, giving you access to all the tools and integrations that require the API key.

HighLevel Agency API Key

  • First, you need access to your HighLevel agency settings. If you do not have access, reach out to your HighLevel agency admin. If you have access, navigate to the agency settings.

  • Next you want to view your agency settings, and navigate to the "API Keys" tab.

  • Here you will find a list of API keys. These keys will be separated by "Agency API Keys" and "Location API Keys". You want to look at the "Agency API Key" list.

  • Copy the API Key from your agency API Keys list.

Make sure you DO NOT copy any API keys that say "Old" next to it.

  • Paste you HighLevel agency API Key in the designated area in the ChatHQ Portal and click "Save"

  • You're all set! You will now have access to all tools and integrations that require the HighLevel agency API key! Your ChatHQ Portal areas should now show a green circle next to some text that reads "Agency API Connected" like the image below!

White Label Widget Builder™ for HighLevel:

1. API Key Retrieval

  • For users on the $497 HighLevel Pro plan, they should get the agency level API key.

  • Users on the $99 or $297 HighLevel plans need to get the location API key.

  • The agency level API key can be found by going to "Agency" -> "Settings" -> "API Keys".

  • For the location level API key, the user should go to the desired location to connect to the ChatHQ account, then to "Settings". In the "Business Profile", the API key will be visible.

2. API Key Connection in ChatHQ Portal Account

  • Navigate to "Account" -> "Settings" -> "Integrations" -> "HighLevel" and click on "Configure". The agency level API key can then be connected. Once connected, a unique agency ID will be provided.

3. Multiple Locations Connection

  • The agency ID is still provided if one location is connected. Once a location is connected, the agency ID can be retrieved.

  • The JavaScript, associated with the agency ID, will only work for that specific HighLevel agency or ChatHQ portal account.

4. White Label Widget Builder Setup

  • Your ChatHQ Portal account needs to be on the top-tier subscription (Agency Plan) to utilize the White Label Widget Builder™.

  • Once on the Agency Plan, the user can go to "Integrations" -> "Configure" in the ChatHQ account to find the JavaScript for the account which is assigned to their agency.

  • To get the White Label Widget Builder™, the user needs to copy the JavaScript and navigate back to "Agency Settings" in the HighLevel account.

  • After pasting the JavaScript in the "Custom JavaScript" section (found in "Settings" -> "Company tab"), save and refresh the screen for the JavaScript to take effect.

  • The user should go to "Custom Menu Links" and add the URL provided in the video description or the knowledge base article.

  • The user then needs to add the "Account ID" from the ChatHQ account to the URL.

  • The user must then assign preferences for the custom menu link (can choose to show in all accounts or select specific ones, allow microphone and camera, etc).

In order to display your White Label Widget Builder™ you will need to create a custom menu link inside of you HighLevel account. You can show this custom menu link to all sub-accounts, or to specific sub-accounts using the settings when creating the custom menu link in HighLevel.

Paste this URL in when creating the custom menu link:

https://editor.chatwidgets.net/[ChatHQ Portal Account ID]

Where to find your ChatHQ Portal account ID

Your ChatHQ Portal account ID is found by navigating to your ChatHQ Portal account, then go to SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT

6. Viewing Widgets in the White Label Widget Builder™

  • After setup, widgets created in specific locations can be seen in the ChatHQ account.

  • These widgets will only be visible in the specific locations where they were created.

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