Office Hours

  • Office hours ONLY set visibility for Conversion Tools™ and Targeted Prompts™.

  • Office hours DO NOT control whether the widget is shown or hidden on your website.

  • When office hours are set, you can adjust the "visibility settings" in Conversion Tools™ and Targeted Prompts™ while configuring each tool or prompt.


Choose a timezone from the dropdown menu based on your business time zone.

12 or 24 Hour Time

Choose whether you’d like to use 12-Hour or 24-Hour time by clicking on the corresponding option.

Configure Office Hours

To set your office hours, start by selecting the days you are available. Next, you will select the hours you are available each day. If you have the same availability every day, click on the Apply All button to apply your office hours to each day you have selected.

Add Break Times

If you would like to set a time you are not available on select days, click on the Add Break Time button. Here you can set select times that you would like to set as unavailable each day.

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