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Submit New Product Ideas

  • Click on "Ideas."

  • A pop-up will appear on the right-hand side.

  • Scroll through the submitted ideas.

  • To upvote an idea, click on the upvote option.

  • To comment, click on the comment option.

Filter Ideas

  • Click on the filter button.

  • Choose from "under consideration," "up next," "in progress," or "finished."

Sort Ideas

  • Use the dropdown menu.

  • Choose from "trending," "latest ideas," "most votes," or "least votes."

Submit Your Idea

  • Click "add an idea."

  • Type in a summary, explain its utility, who would benefit, and how it should work.

  • Optionally, attach images and select up to three topics.

  • Click "submit idea."

Follow Product Roadmap

  • Click on "Roadmap."

  • Four categories will be visible: "under consideration," "up next," "in progress," and "finished."

  • Click on any of these to view details.

  • To comment, click on the comment option and type your comment. You can also attach images.

View Recent Announcements

  • Click on "Announcements."

  • Scroll through to view all announcements.

  • Click on any announcement to read more details.

  • To like an announcement, click on the like option.

  • Choose an emoji reaction: “like”, "heart eyes" or "fire."

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