Welcome to our comprehensive guide on navigating the ChatHQ portal. We'll walk you through the home screen layout, explain how to manage and switch between accounts, and dive into specialized sections like the affiliates section, partners section, and white label resources section.

Account Selection

Once you log into ChatHQ, you'll land on the home screen. At the top, you'll find the Accounts Tab.

The main account list will show you all ChatHQ Portal accounts you are a part of in any capacity, whether you are the owner of the account, a member, or any other role. You will have the ability to access accounts you're a part of from this table.

On the top left, you'll notice a dropdown menu that also lets you quickly navigate to different accounts. Simply click on the dropdown menu and choose the account you want to navigate to.


Within the Partners section, you will find other companies that have partnered with ChatHQ, and you will have options to contact them for products/services, or simply visit their website by using the link in their partner profile!

To explore our strategic business partners:

  1. From the sidebar, click on Partners Page.

  2. Browse through our list of business partners and find offerings that may suit your needs.

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