Knowledge Library

What Is The Knowledge Library Tool?

  • Gives you and your customers the ability to build libraries of information to be readily accessible through the Engagement Widget.

  • Embed an external Knowledge Library or build your own

Knowledge Library Tool Use Cases

  • Give website visitors a robust Frequently Asked Questions library to help close a sale

  • Provide information about your products or services to current customers directly inside your application

  • Teach and train people by building a structured educational course using categories and rich media content

Knowledge Library Tool Setup

  • Go to the Conversion Tools™ section.

  • Click on the add tool button.

  • From the list, choose the Knowledge Library.

Naming Your Knowledge Library

  • A new tool, titled "Knowledge Library", will be generated.

  • Assign the Title for your FAQ section, such as “ChatHQ FAQ ". This title will be reflected in the main interface of the Engagement Widget™.

  • There's also a Panel Title that you should name as well for consistency. This title will show when the Knowledge Library tool is opened in the widget.

Choose Knowledge Library Type

You have two options for your Knowledge Library:

  • Built-in: Craft the FAQ section from scratch.

  • External: Link an external knowledge base via URL.

Built-In Knowledge Library

  • This is where you can build a custom knowledge base using categories and sections

  • You are able to build articles using rich text and media embeds from YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom

How to build a robust FAQ library using the Built-In Knowledge Library

Crafting FAQ Sections:

  • Click on Add FAQ Section.

  • A prompt will appear; input your FAQ section's name (such as "General Questions").

  • Confirm by clicking Save.

  • You can rinse and repeat for additional sections as desired.

Populating Sections with Questions & Answers:

  • Select Add FAQ Item.

  • A new window will emerge.

    • From the dropdown, choose the section where you want to insert the Q&A.

    • Fill in your question.

    • Provide the accompanying answer.

  • Take advantage of various formatting tools at your disposal: headers, bullet lists, embed video options, text styles, and more.

  • Conclude by hitting Save.

Adjusting the FAQ Layout:

  • If you misplace an item, simply click and drag the entry to the correct section by selecting the 6 dots icon.

  • The entire FAQ sections themselves can also be reordered based on preference by dragging and dropping.

External Knowledge Library

  • The ability to iframe an external knowledge library from another platform such as Gitbook, Tawk to, and other URL-based knowledge libraries.

External Knowledge Library will not work if the platform you're trying to embed does not allow iframing.

How to add an external knowledge base to your Engagement Widget™

Tool Visibility:

  • Navigate down to the Tool Visibility section. Here you can decide when your FAQ is visible:

    • Always: The FAQs are always available via your Engagement Widget™

    • Working hours only: FAQs are visible only during the business hours you set.

    • After hours only: FAQs are shown outside of business hours.

Conversion Tool™ Icons:

In the Main Navigation Icons section, you can select the icon for your FAQ section.

  • Default Icons: Here you can choose from a variety of different icons available. Simply click on the drop down menu and scroll through the given icons to choose the one you would like to use. For relevance, a question mark might be apt for FAQs.

  • Custom Icons: Although not currently available, custom icons will be coming soon and you will be able to upload a custom icon for your FAQ section.

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