What Is The Forms/Surveys Tool?

  • This tool gives you and your customers the ability to add forms and/or surveys to your Engagement Widget

  • Build the forms and surveys in your HighLevel accounts and bring them directly into your Engagement Widget to be used anywhere the widget is installed

Soon to connect to more form and survey software like Jotform, Gravity forms, ect.

Forms/Surveys Tool Use Cases:

  • Lead capture with various signup forms like a newsletter

  • Promote new products and offerings and collect customer opt-ins

  • Provide “support ticket” submissions for current customers inside your application

  • Offer holiday discounts and promotions if customers opt-in

Forms/Surveys Tool Setup:

Add the “Forms & Surveys” tool to your engagement widget from the "+ Add Tools" panel

HighLevel Agency API Key

In order to use this tool, and many others, you will need to add your HighLevel agency API key. This key gives ChatHQ the ability to pull in data from your HighLevel including the sub-accounts (locations), teams, calendars, forms, surveys, and more!

1. Title

This changes the name of the Forms/Surveys tool in the initial widget view. For more information on this please click here to view the help article.

2. Panel Title

This changes the text shown at the top of the Forms/Surveys tool after the tool was already clicked by your website visitor or customer. For more information on this please click here to view the help article.

3. Tool Visibility

Choose when to show this engagement tool based on your current office hour configuration found in "widget settings". For more information on this please click here to view the help article.

Select HighLevel Location

After you connect your HighLevel agency API key, you will see new options appear on the screen. One of the options is a HighLevel location selector. When you click this drop down, you will be able to select any of your HighLevel sub-accounts from the list. Select the sub-account that has the form or survey you will to show inside the widget.

Choose Either Form or Survey

Next you will be given the option to choose between adding a HighLevel Form or a HighLevel Survey. Each has different benefits and use cases, and you should always take those benefits and use cases into consideration before adding them to your widget.Aft

Add Specific Form or Survey

After you choose between Forms and Surveys, you will need to select the specific Form or Survey to add into your widget. In the example below I chose to add a survey into my widget. You can see in the screenshot that the drop down selector now reads "survey" and will show me a list of all surveys in the HighLevel location I have selected.

Selecting and Previewing

Once I selected the survey I wanted to add to my Engagement Widget™, in this case it was the Bug Report Survey, you can see it has become visible in the Widget preview window on the right side of the screen.

The preview window is fully functional and allows you to see exactly how the form or survey will look in real-time inside of your widget, as well as allow you to test it before deploying it to your website or your customer's website!

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