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Booking Calendars

The Booking Calendars tool allows your website visitors to schedule meetings with you or your team members. This feature can be directly integrated with your high-level calendars for quick and easy scheduling. If you have multiple team members, it can accommodate multiple booking calendars within the same widget. To learn more about Booking Calendars, click here.

Custom HTML

The Custom HTML feature gives you the freedom to insert your own HTML code into the widget. This can be particularly useful if you're looking to display specific types of content or create unique styles that align with your brand. To learn more about Custom HTML, click here.

Dedicated iFrame

With the Dedicated iFrame feature, you can embed an entire web page within the Engagement Widget™. This could be anything from a product page to personal profiles or even service descriptions. To learn more about Dedicated iFrame, click here.

Extendly for HighLevel

Extendly for HighLevel offers a white label live chat service that allows you and your white label customers to connect instantly with tech support agents to help with HighLevel issues in a white label fashion. The average response time is under 5 minutes, providing quick solutions to any issues you or your clients may encounter. To learn more about Extendly for HighLevel, click here.

Forms and Surveys

Forms and Surveys can be connected directly into the Engagement Widget™. This is great for capturing leads or gathering other important information, such as newsletter or promotional sign-ups. To learn more about Forms and Surveys, click here.

Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library lets you integrate either an internal or external knowledge base right into the Engagement Widget™. This can be a helpful feature for providing quick answers to commonly asked questions. You also have the option to build out a FAQ section. To learn more about the Knowledge Library, click here.

The Link Launcher allows you to add clickable hyperlinks into the widget. These links can direct visitors to important pages, thus driving engagement and providing quick access to valuable resources. To learn more about Link Launcher, click here.


The Reviews feature enables the display of Google and Facebook reviews directly in the Engagement Widget. You have the option to connect your social media accounts and customize which reviews you'd like to show, thereby building trust among potential customers. To learn more about Reviews, click here.

Rich Content

Rich Content is similar to the Custom HTML tool but requires no coding knowledge. It offers a rich context editor that allows you to customize the look and feel of the content you wish to display. To learn more about Custom HTML, click here. Livechat

If you have a Tawk.To account, this tool can integrate into your Engagement Widget™ to enable real-time chats with your website visitors. To learn more about Tawk.To Livechat, click here.

Video Showcase

The Video Showcase feature allows you to upload videos from platforms like Loom, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can create playlists or groups of videos, providing an interactive and informative experience for your visitors. To learn more about the Video Showcase, click here.


The Webchat tool allows you to replace HighLevel’s chat widget to collect new lead information, continue the conversation over SMS in HighLevel, as well as connect to multiple HighLevel sub-accounts in a single widget. To learn more about Webchat, click here.

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