Advanced Livechat

The advanced live chat tool is only available for paid users. Click here to learn more about ChatHQ's paid subscriptions.


The Advanced Livechat Conversion Tool from ChatHQ enhances your ability to engage with prospects and customers directly on your website, facilitated by the ChatHQ Engagement Widget. This powerful tool offers the ability to seamlessly communicate with users in real-time on your websites, sales funnels, and/or inside of your HighLevel account.

This tool is designed to take your customer interaction and engagement to the next level, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Currently, only HighLevel Live Chat is available for connection, but in the future, ChatHQ's native live chat will also be an option.

Use Cases

  • Real-time Engagement: Instantly connect with visitors on your website to boost interactions.

  • Lead Generation & Sales: Enhance your website's conversion rate by engaging visitors with live chat.

  • Customer Support: Provide immediate support to your customers directly on your website or through your HighLevel account.

Setting Up Advanced Live Chat Tool

IMPORTANT: Make sure your HighLevel account is connected to your ChatHQ account to configure the tool properly. Without this connection, you won't be able to select the location and save the settings.

Click here to learn how to integrate HighLevel with your ChatHQ account

  1. Access the Conversion Tools section: Go to the Engagement section and navigate to the Conversion Tools sub-navigation section.

  2. Add the Advanced Livechat tool: Click on "Add Tool" and select "Advanced Live Chat" from the options.

  3. Customize the tool: Modify the tool settings as needed, such as changing the tool title and view, updating the message prompt, showing/hiding fields (phone and email), and changing the chat button text and style.

  4. Configure assigned message: Set the message that will be automatically sent to the user after they send a message. This message should inform the user that an agent will connect with them shortly.

  5. Adjust inactivity fallback settings: These settings are messages that are sent in the chat if either the agent is absent from the chat for a period of time, or the end user is absent from the chat for a period of time.

  6. Customize feedback section: Modify the text for the feedback section, including the question and the response message.

  7. Add agent avatar images: Choose from the default agent avatar images or upload custom images for a personalized touch.

  8. Save and test: Save all the settings and test the live chat tool to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Important Info About Livechat

  • Inactivity fallback settings need to be adjusted in HighLevel settings, not in ChatHQ.

  • Test the live chat tool after saving the settings to ensure it is working as intended.

  • Additional features and options may be available in the future, such as multiple agents and more customization options.

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