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Widget Settings

This article will help you navigate and customize the Widget Settings within the ChatHQ platform. Whether you're looking to rename your widget, adjust its visibility, or change its appearance, we've got you covered. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make the most out of your widget customization experience.

Getting Started

Navigate to the Engagement Section: Log into your ChatHQ account and go to the engagement section. You'll find the "Widget Settings" tab in the sub-navigation.

Main Widget Settings

Widget Name

  • You can rename your widget for easier identification.
  • Update the name to something like "ABC Dental" and click 'Save'. Your new name will now appear in the widget selection dropdown.

Enable/Disable Widget

  • This feature allows you to make your widget active or inactive.
  • For example, if a customer hasn't paid their monthly subscription, you can disable the widget, making it disappear from their website.

Widget Visibility

  • Decide where your widget will appear—on mobile, desktop, or both.

Widget Position Behavior

  • Choose whether the widget will be anchored, floating, or fixed on the screen.
    • Anchored: The widget will be able to be moved up and down on the screen.
    • Floating: The widget will be able to be moved around the screen freely.
    • Fixed: The widget will not be able to be moved around the screen.

Widget Placement

  • You can set the widget to appear on either the left or the right side of the webpage.

Use Custom Trigger

  • You also have the option to activate the widget by clicking a custom button on your site by toggling this on. When toggled on, a field will appear for you to type in your Custom Trigger ID.
  • With this option toggled on, you will also have the option to toggle on or off to show the Floating Action Button.

Widget Window

Widget Title and Subtitle

  • Customize the title and subtitle that appear on your widget by typing your desired text into the given fields. This will appear at the top of your Engagement Widget™ when it is opened.

Colors and Logos

  • Adjust the primary and secondary colors to match your brand by clicking on the color bar and selecting a color, or entering a custom color code.
  • You can also upload a custom logo for the widget by dragging and dropping image files or clicking the box and selecting a file from your computer to upload.

Floating Action Button

  • Change the icon for the floating action button as per your preference by selecting to use a default icon or use the widget logo.

Office Hours

You have the ability to set office hours to control the visibility of specific tools and Targeted Prompts™ within the widget based on your working hours.
  • Timezone: Select the appropriate timezone for your business by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting the timezone.
  • 12-Hour Time or 24-Hour Time: Select which time you would like to use. 12-Hour time (AM/PM) or 24-Hour Time (Military time).
  • Days Available: Select the days of the week you are available, Sunday through Saturday. Days that are selected will be highlighted, while unselected days will remain white.
  • Time Available: Add the Start and End time for your available days. If your time remains the same throughout the week, use the ‘Apply All’ option to apply your available times to all days.
  • Break Time: If you would like to add a break time during your workday, click on ‘Add a Break Time’, and add the Start and End time for your break. You have the option to add multiple break times for each day.

Widget Branding

If you're on a free plan, you won't be able to remove the ChatHQ branding. Paid plan users can add custom branding.
  • Display Branding: To display or hide branding on your Engagement Widget™, toggle on or off the Display Branding. You will see this reflect in the preview window on the right.
  • Use Custom Branding: To use custom branding, toggle this option on. You will have the following options to customize your widget branding:
    • Full Brand Name: Enter an optional short message that will be displayed as a tooltip when hovering over the brand logo.
    • Brand URL: Enter an optional URL linking your brand to a website.
    • Brand Logo Format: Choose from ‘Text Only’, ‘Use an Image’, or ‘Use an Image URL’
      • Text Only: Enter the Brand Text in the given field.
      • Use an Image: Drag and drop and image, or click on the field to select an image to upload from your computer.
      • Use an Image URL: Paste an Image URL in the given field.


  • Installation Type: Select the installation type from the dropdown menu. There are two options to choose from when installing your Engagement Widget™:
    • Website or Funnel
    • HighLevel
  • Copy Javascript Code:
    • Click on the 'Install' tab and copy the Javascript code provided.
    • Paste the code within the closing <body> tag of your website.