Targeted Prompts™ List

Name Column

Status Column

If you want to quickly enable and/or disable your Targeted Prompts™ without opening up each one, you can do so by clicking the status icon:
  • When the icon is GREEN the welcome message is ENABLED
  • When the icon is RED the welcome message is DISABLED

Details Column

The details column shows a quick view of your Targeted Prompts™ configurations. These configurations vary and can be set when editing or creating the Targeted Prompt™. To see what each configuration icon stands for, simply hover over the icons and you'll see a tool-tip with more information.

Actions Column

  1. 1.
    Edit Targeted Prompts™ Click here to open your previously created Targeted Prompts™ and start editing
  2. 2.
    Duplicate Targeted Prompts™ Quickly and easily duplicate your Targeted Prompts™. This saves time when needing to create many Targeted Prompts™ that only need small edits to differentiate them from others.
  3. 3.
    Delete Targeted Prompts™ If you need to delete your Targeted Prompts™ click the trash icon.
Once you delete a Targeted Prompt™, that action is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Adding New Targeted Prompts™

Duplicating Targeted Prompts™