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Custom Help Guide Button

Before you change this button, be aware that our unbranded knowledge base uses the original button to refer back to the help guides. Your customers may get confused, and this is not our fault or responsibility.

How To Change The Help Guide Button

If you are looking to customize your help guide button, you can do so with a little bit of CSS added to your Go High Level agency settings, and by switching the URL of your image out with your preferred choice!

Install More Custom CSS

#start-help-guide img { opacity: 0 !important; }
#start-help-guide .avatar_img {
width: 160px !important;
height: 45px !important;
background-size: contain;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background: url('INSERT IMAGE URL HERE');

Replace Image URL

In order to change the image, you will need to replace this URL with your preferred image URL. Only replace the words: INSERT IMAGE URL HERE

Help Guide Button Options (Downloadable)

To download one of these buttons, simply click on an image to open up the lightbox view. Then right click and select "save image as".