Adding New Widgets

How many Engagement Widgets™ do I get with my ChatHQ Portal account?

With ChatHQ’s Free portal account, you can add one free engagement widget
But, when you purchase paid widget plans, you will have the option to add more widgets to your account. Currently, we offer four different plans:
  • Free Plan:
    • One Engagement Widget™
  • Startup Plan:
    • 3 Engagement Widgets™
  • Growth Plan:
    • 10 Engagement Widgets™
  • Agency Plan:
    • Unlimited Engagement Widgets™

Adding a New Engagement Widget™

To add a new Engagement Widget™:
  • Click on the “+” icon next to the widget drop-down selector. When you hover over the button you will see a tooltip that reads "Add new widget"
  • A new widget will be added with a default name with a 13-digit random number
    • Example: Widget 1671661186558

Selecting your Engagement Widgets™

When you are ready to start editing your widgets, you will need to select your widget from the list of purchased widgets. If you are on the free plan, you will only have 1 widget to choose from.

Renaming Your Widget:

  • By default, the new widget will have a unique identifier (a mix of letters and numbers).
  • You can easily click on this identifier to rename the widget as per your preference.

Additional Customizations:

  • At any point, you can return to the widget settings for more tweaks.

Duplicating Widgets:

  • If you've perfected a widget and wish to use it as a template for another page, use the "duplicate" feature.
Deletion Warning: Widgets can be deleted, but exercise caution. Once deleted, a widget is irrecoverable. You'd have to recreate any deleted widget from scratch.