Deleting Widgets

Deleting Widget is Permanent

Before proceeding with the widget deletion, it's crucial to note that deleting a widget is a permanent action. Once a widget is deleted, it cannot be restored. Ensure you want to remove the widget entirely from your account before proceeding with deletion.

When Should I Delete a Widget?

While customization options are available through updating your conversion tools and targeted prompts, there might be specific scenarios where you should delete a widget. One such case is if someone unauthorized gains access to your installation code. Under such circumstances, deleting the widget is highly recommended.

How To Delete a Widget

  • Locate the Red 'Delete Widget' Button: Scroll down your chatHQ portal account interface until you see a red button labeled 'Delete Widget'.
  • Click on 'Delete Widget': After clicking this button, a new prompt will appear.
  • Confirm Widget Removal: The prompt will display a 'Confirm Widget Removal' button, along with options for confirming or canceling the action. You will have the choice to select 'Yes, I want to delete it' or 'No, I do not want to delete this.'
    • If you choose 'Yes': The widget will be permanently deleted.
    • If you choose 'No': The widget will remain in your account.