Main Widget Settings

In the main widget settings section you will have the ability to update your widget name, enable/disable your widget, change the visibility, position behavior and placement, as well as add a custom trigger.

Widget Name

You can edit and manage your Widget Name by typing in the Widget Name field. Name your widget according to your use case to make it easy to identify.

Enable/Disable Widget

You can easily enable or disable your widget by toggling it on or off. This will reflect in the preview screen on the right hand side of the screen.

Widget Visibility

You can change your widget visibility by selecting from the dropdown menu. You have the following options:
  • Everywhere - Shows the widget on both desktop and mobile.
  • Desktop - Shows the widget ONLY on desktop.
  • Mobile - Shows the widget ONLY on mobile.

Widget Position Behavior

You can choose the behavior with which the Widget Floating Action Button is to be positioned on your website.
  • Fixed - Stays at the bottom of the website.
  • Anchored - Stays on one side of the website, allows users to move widget up and down.
  • Floating - Allows users to move the widget freely around the website.

Widget Placement

Choose which side of the page the button should appear on your website
  • Left - Shows widget on the left side of your website.
  • Right - Shows widget on the right side of your website.

Use Custom Trigger

The User Custom Trigger allows you to use a custom element to open/close the Widget. When toggled on, you will see a field appear to type in the Custom Trigger ID.

Show Floating Action Button

If you have the Custom Trigger toggled on, you will have the option to toggle on or off the Floating Action Button. This will allow you to hide or show the Floating Action Button when the widget is opened.